Julia’s Talking!

Julia signs and says: More Hi Change Down Eat She says: Mama Cat Dog Teeth She understands everything we say to her, as she responds appropriately. She is such a bright, talented little girl!

8 More Weeks…

Holy Smokes!  This time has simply flown by!  I can hardly believe that in just 8 weeks, we will be holding our sweet baby in our arms.  It’s beyond what I can even explain, the excitement, and anxiety we both feel over this inevitable event.   We completed a birthing class last week, and Annie left … Continue reading


Baby Julia has taken to hiccuping at 2AM and I LOVE it! At first, I didn’t know what to think of the repeated jumps, until I read about it on my weekly pregnancy update. Our little one is practicing breathing now! The little hiccups are absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever felt.

Julia Rose

We’ve decided on a name! And although my better judgement advises me to keep it a secret until after her arrival, I’m sharing it anyway. We think it’s just lovely.

Somersaults, Tumbling, and Kicks

What started as questionable tiny flutters are now unmistakeable rumblings in my tumbly.  Our little girl is kicking and moving several times a day.  She is especially active during meal times and when I lie down.  She also startles when I cough or sneeze!  It is so wonderful to feel her and know she’s there.  Annie … Continue reading

It’s A GIRL!!!

We had our twenty week ultrasound. Our baby GIRL is developing normally and is within the normal range for weight. It was the most amazing moment in my life thus far. Annie and I saw our baby’s little heart beating, watched her move her arms and legs, and turn her face as if to look … Continue reading